Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Angie's Popcorn Giveaway

One of my absolute favorite snacks is popcorn. Over the years I have tried many different brands but have finally discovered the best popcorn on earth. The amazing people at Angie's Popcorn were nice enough to send me a bag of every single one of their popcorn flavors to try! Each one of the 6 flavors (Sweet & Salty, White Cheddar, Salted Caramel, Sweet & Spicy, Sea Salt, and Slightly Sweet) were delicious but my absolute favorite was the Slightly Sweet. Both the Sea Salt popcorn and the Slightly Sweet popcorn are flavors from their Boom Chicka Pop brand. Along with having a super cool name the Boom Chicka Pop popcorns have only four ingredients, popcorn, fair trade organic evaporated cane juice, sunflower oil, and sea salt. AND both flavors are only 35 calories per cup! So much deliciousness with absolutely zero snacking guilt!! Can you say YES PLEASE?
Angie's Popcorn is also kindly offering one lucky reader a box full of bags of every single one of their flavors!! 

For a chance to win please leave a comment (with your email address) telling me what flavor you would look forward to the most! 
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I will be picking a lucky winner next Wednesday November 7th. So you have exactly one week to enter!!
Update: Bonnie T. is the lucky winner!

Happy Halloween

In honor of today's festivities I have decided to share with you something that has been making me cry with laughter for the past few days. It's also halloween related so it's a win-win situation! I am proof that you can watch this videos several times an hour and still find it hilarious. 
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Survive a Hurricane

With Hurricane Sandy quickly approaching the East Coast I thought it would be helpful to go over some hurricane survival tips.

#1 ~ Entertain Yourself
While I still have power I plan on catching up on all of my favorite shows, Big Bang Theory is on the top of my list! Check out my favorite scene. Ever. Sheldon on Valium
And surf the internet for some laughs 
~ This article made me laugh out loud for several hours Tips & Tricks for a Winter Body
~ Start planning next year's Halloween costume because you left this year's for the last minute... as always Glamour Halloween Costumes
~ When the power finally goes out, I plan on reading all of the trashy magazines that I may or may not have stocked up on... Just noticed that Suri Cruise has a cellphone, why am I surprised?
~ And last but not least start planning your summer plans! It's never too early! Plan your dream vacation whether or not it will happen. For me I am continuing to search for an internship,  Ellen Degeneres? Crossing my fingers!

#2 ~ I just realized that entertaining yourself is the most important part...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Head of the Charles

This past weekend was the Head of the Charles (HOCR). HOCR is a big rowing regatta on the Charles River in Boston. We go every year to cheer on the rowers and always stop by the expo to check out the clothes and other fun stuff!

The course on the Charles,  3 miles long and super difficult to steer!

 We also always have to head over to the Concept 2 tent to hold our annual erg competitions and try out any new machines. This year it was the Skierg. It was actually a great full body workout ~ I felt it in my core, arms, and legs and was exhausted after only a few minutes! I will definitely start looking for it at every gym I go to. Luckily our school gym just acquired one,  hopefully I can redeem myself and win the family competition next year!
Check out how it works here:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love Etc.

I recently watched the heartwarming documentary Love Etc. The movie depicts five different love stories of people living in New York City. The each story is so different from the other and they vary from an elderly couple to a single dad.  I highly recommend the movie, it has won countless awards and is absolutely wonderful! Check out the trailer here: