Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Laptop!!

In preparation for the upcoming school year I recently bought a new laptop! My decision was the between the Mac Air and the MacBook Pro. In the end I decided to go with the 13in. MacBook Pro because of it's larger amount of space, faster speed, and CD/DVD drive. Along with the student discount on the computer I also received a $100 gift card from Apple to the iTunes store, Mac App store, and the iBook Store! I am now officially in love with OS X Lion! All of the new features are much simpler and very cool! The Mac App store was genius and I have already happily purchased several apps (more details to come)! I've also had a lot of fun using the speech recognition, it's actually surprisingly fun to ask your laptop to tell you a joke! I already have formed a strong bond with my new talking Mac which is why I decided to give it a name... which will be unveiled when I come up with something more original than Mac-y.

Isn't she/he beautiful? In case you didn't notice I haven't come up with a gender either...

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