Sunday, April 1, 2012

Restaurant Week

For our annual Restaurant Week and one of the last nights of my vacation, we went to Maestro's. Each person got three courses for only $20 it was a great deal and an even better excuse to go out for dinner! Their restaurant week menu can be seen here. All of our meals were delicious!

When we sat down they brought us a delicious white bean dip with balsamic vinegar, I had to sit on my hands to keep myself from filling up on this!

Next thing I knew they brought out freshly baked bread with butter that had been topped with hawaiian salt- so good!
We all ordered their famous Maryland crab cakes, needless to say at this point I was beginning to get full...

My entree- A filet with a horseradish demi glaze (It was delicious but a little too raw in some areas)

Yummy roasted chicken with peas and water chestnuts

A very delicious carbonara- It wasn't too creamy or heavy either!

And the best part of the meal- dessert, a lemon torte. At this point I was ready to start unbuttoning my pants! Everything was delicious and I was so happy that it was warm enough to sit outside! 

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